a technique for scientists and dancers to model scientific theories
— Linda Shapiro for Dance Magazine

Annotated Bibliography

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Video of live TED Talk: What would you tell your younger self about sex if you could? (Starting with the big question: Why does it exist in the first place?) Mixing talk and dance, John Bohannon and Black Label Movement explore why sex exists -- and implore adults to talk honestly to the kids in their lives about the confusion and joy of human sexuality. 


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MN Original celebrates Minnesota’s creative community, across all disciplines and cultures. This 9-minute episode explores Black Label Movement’s Artistic Director Carl Flink’s collaboration with University of Minnesota biomedical engineer David Odde for The Moving Cell Project and the project’s choreographic influence on BLM’s piece HIT.


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Video of live TED Talk: Instead of a boring slide deck at your next presentation, how about bringing in a troupe of dancers? That's science writer John Bohannon's "modest proposal" in this spellbinding choreographed talk. He makes his case by example, in collaboration with dancers from Black Label Movement.


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Article on “Dance your Ph.D” submissions with a section on David Odde’s early research with Carl Flink.