Rave Reviews for Theater Latte Da’s “Spring Awakening”

On April 14, Theater Latte Da in partnership with the University of Minnesota Theatre Arts & Dance Department opened a brand new version of Spring Awakening: The Musical directed by Peter Rothstein, music direction by Denise Prosek and choreographed by BLM‘s own Carl Flink. The critics and audience responses were incredible.

Twin Cities Star Tribune Review by Caroline Palmer: “When Frank Wedekind wrote the source work [for Spring Awakening: The Musical] in 1891 he described [it] as “a tragedy of childhood” and Flink picks up on this dark theme throughout the movement – it fairly roils with the barely-contained energy and scrambled desires of disaffected youth. . . . Flink integrates all of these challenging ideas into his choreography. It’s not neat and tidy – rightfully so. Instead it is performed by the entire cast with all the raging heart and rugged soul of young people who so desperately yearn to be set free from the bounds of social convention that they must express themselves by using every means necessary.” full article

Twin Cities Star Tribune Review by Graydon Royce: This Spring Awakening “locates the personal immediacy amid the pageantry of music and movement [and] beautifully reminds us that every generation needs its voice.” full article

St. Paul Pioneer Press: “You could light a bonfire with the energy coming off the stage at Theater Latte Da’s Spring Awakening.” A big one.” full article

Twin Cities Daily Planet: “And the choreography, oh, the choreography. Carl Flink has these kids stomping and leaping and flying and climbing on anything that will lift them off the ground and into the air. It’s a powerful, athletic, often gravity and sense-defying set of physical pictures on stage that keep building until it’s all you can do to stay in your seat in the audience.” full article

Twin Cities City Pages: “Director Peter Rothstein and choreographer Carl Fink present a piece that is overwhelming in its constant movement and energy – so much so that you want to jump out of your seat and join in by the end of the show.” full article

Howwastheshow.com: “But here’s a play that rings all my bells: Spring Awakening. Terrific story, excellent book, tasty music, superb direction, boffo performances. Here’s one I can brag about.” full article

Metro Magazine: “Seeing Theater Latt