This Bleeding Heart | 2005

This octet is a cubist self-portrait by choreographer Carl Flink on eight bodies, female and male. The piece captures the daring and athletic movement emblematic of Flink’s choreographic style, while revealing moments of riveting tenderness and shadowy violence through the harsh white light of a light box held by a faceless operator.


“Moving at full throttle, the dancers pour their energy into the space like molten lava in a tour de force of passionate, full-bodied dancing. Flink sculpts the space with powerful shapes and patterns, creating an architecture of thwarted desire and ritual mourning . . . .” – Linda Shapiro, St. Paul Pioneer Press, April 2, 2005.

“Ten dancers expertly catapult over one another and dive to the floor like savvy kids on a very dangerous playground. Their heart-stopping momentum and slam-bang collisions evoke the restless (and reckless) desperation of contemporary youth cultures.” – Linda Shapiro, St. Paul Pioneer Press, August 20, 2006.

‘This Bleeding Heart’ was selected for the 2006 American College Dance Festival Association National Gala at the Kennedy Center.