Black Label Movement & Luverne Seifert's "The Woyzeck Project"

OCTOBER 22 - NOVEMBER 6, 2010 | Southern Theater - Minneapolis, MN

Co-Directed by Luverne Siefert & Carl Flink | Choreographed by Carl Flink

A full collaboration with Twin Cities theater artist Luverne Seifert, ‘The Woyzeck Project’ brings to life the interior of playwright Georg Bűchner’s mind. Audience members enter the tortured confines of the brain that created the seminole German play Woyzeck, a poetic meditation on war, violence, unethical scientific experimentation, murder and the fragile encounter between passion and love.

This production’s first stages were developed in 2008 at the University of Minnesota in the Old Norris Gym with Carl Flink, Luverne Siefert and Michael Sommers as a ‘University Theater Creative Collaboration’.