Gutherie Theater's "Twelfth Night"

FEBRUARY 8 - MARCH 22, 2020 | Wurtele Thrust Stage - Guthrie Theater

Directed by Tom Quaintance | Choreographed by Carl Flink

PLOT: When a shipwrecked Viola washes up on Illyria’s shores without her twin brother, she must adapt to her strange new surroundings on her own. For safety, she disguises herself as a boy and quickly finds favor and employment with the lovesick Orsino, who pines for Olivia’s devotion. After a series of mishaps and plenty of mayhem, their love triangle becomes so entangled it brings all of Illyria along for the ride. When at last the truth is revealed, the Bard’s starry-eyed tale proves that the revelry of love is something worth fighting for.